Residential Engineering

Our team is equipped to handle residential projects of any scale.

Equipped & Effective team.

A long history in the construction industry has equipped our team to handle residential projects of any scale.

Great Support & Guidance

We can supply all technical information needed to direct your home through its construction, renovation or repair. Whether your needs are adding a second floor, hanging a cantilevered porch above a garage, or a technical inspection and repair method for a sunken foundation, we are here to help.

Our services and support will bring clarity to contractors when conflicting information may arise and we will remain available to help until your vision becomes reality.

New Construction design

  • Designs based on architectural, purchased, or self-drawn plans
  • Coastal and High-wind zones
  • Log Homes
  • SIP Homes

Renovations and Additions

  • Designs based on architectural, purchased, or self-drawn plans
  • Removal of Load-bearing walls

Technical Inspections

  • Addressing issues identified by Home Inspectors
  • Foundation damage
  • Framing evaluations
  • Other general structural elements

FHA/HUD Permanent Foundation Evaluations

  • Other Bank and Appraisal Required Inspections

County Plan Review

  • Code Conflicts with Older Homes
  • Navigating the Plan Review Process

Code Support

  • Providing guidance through gray areas
  • Offering assistance to meet concerns of code officials

Construction Guidance

  • Evaluating Field Conditions
  • Inspecting Existing Foundations

Foundation Repair Inspections and Design

  • Helical and Push piers
  • Micro Caps
  • Carbon Fiber Strapping
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Foam or Grout Injections
  • Framing Solutions for bulging Basement Walls, and more

Schedule a Residential Assessment

Providence Partners would love to help identify the cause of your issues and determine creative solutions to resolve them by means of a comprehensive assessment related to structural elements of the home including framing, foundations, etc. Schedule your assessment today.

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