About Us

Our vision is to combine practical skills with a desire to serve our community.


We strive to utilize resources and talents to serve people in a way that leaves them better than we found them. 

Our involvement in the construction industry allowed us to work closely with a multitude of customers and taught us to serve them first.

In practical terms, that experience proved to us that the best results are achieved when engineering connects the vision of the customer with the precise implementation of the project. We aim to provide design and forensic reporting through a process that delivers the greatest possible experience for our customers.

We Value People & Community over Profits

Additionally, our country is in short supply of companies and leaders that value people and community over profits. We seek to hold our employees to higher standards but also support them to flourish in all aspects of their lives.

We want our team to enjoy their God-given gifts in their work and personal lives. Our belief is that the measure of our success will be determined by the quality of our service AND the care of our people.

Serving the Underprivileged

Furthermore (and foremost), we are determined to serve the underprivileged in a way that leaves a lifelong impact on our community.

Our company is committed to devoting time, resources, and profits to defend the rights of the poor and needy. We want our legacy to be remembered for what we gave, not what we kept.

Providence Partners Engineer Brian Cone

Brian Cone

Brian is a North Carolina native that has been around and in construction most of his life. For many years Brian operated a commercial contracting company which offered design build services. Brian has a wide array of knowledge in commercial and residential design.

Brian can leverage his engineering expertise with his field experience to find creative and practical solutions in his designs. Brian also spent many years performing structural forensic assessments throughout many states producing over 2000 reports and designs.

This skill set has given Brian unique understanding to identify the cause of issues and determine the creative solutions to resolve them.

Brian and his sweet wife reside in Statesville, NC with their two children.

Providence Partners Engineer Jared Olshefski

Jared Olshefski

Jared has spent the last 11 years gaining an intimate knowledge of the construction industry. During that time, he has worked with countless businesses and customers which helped him to understand it from all perspectives.

He has applied that knowledge to lead a home warranty company that is committed to operating with the highest integrity – a pursuit that has enabled the company to be the most respected of its kind by homebuyers and home builders. He believes every company should focus on serving its community and team rather than benchmarking against its competitors.

In 2017, he recognized the opportunity to combine these values and methods with Brian’s skillset. He is involved in the details of daily operations and future development. Jared calls Charlotte, NC home where he and his lovely wife are raising their four boys.

Tell Us About Your Project

“They will send someone to your job site to review structure items and will get back to you with drawings very quickly.”


Todd A. Doane
T3-FMS – General Contractor