Forensic Engineering

Forensic services are one of our greatest areas of expertise.

Experienced & Qualified team.

Our team has performed thousands of investigations throughout the country that cover a vast range of unique situations.

Precise & Thorough Reports

We produce reports that are thorough and precise, but easily understood by a wide audience. Situations like salvaging a fire-damaged church, assessing flood loss, or evaluating wind damage sustained by a commercial roof, are just a few we have handled.  

Our experience and proficiency in this field has enabled us to work with some of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., who prefer our methods and efficiency. Through our meticulous review and adaptability, we can help you through your challenging and unique case.

Investigations for Insurance Companies

  • Investigations for commercial and residential structures
  • All types of cause and origin investigations
  • All types of evaluations from construction defects
  • Evaluations from impact damage to structures

Expert witness for trial and depositions

  • Experienced in providing accurate and concise depositions
  • Experienced in providing quality trial testimony

Failure Investigations for Owners

  • Verbal or written reports for structural issues
  • Roofing investigations
  • Review of insurance claims and other reports

Code Evaluations

  • Helping reconcile modern code with existing buildings
  • Working with inspections for a resolution

Investigations for Law Firms

  • Complete forensic analysis for any project
  • Review and rebuttals of other engineering reports

Drone Services

  • Aerial overviews of damaged structures
  • Video and photographs as needed
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Providence Partners Forensic Engineering Tornado Damage
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